*I will be praying for a spiritual breakthrough in NK and that like 70 years will mark the end of the end of the NK regime in the same way that the exiles were allowed to leave Babylonia after 70 years.

*This is my second year of fasting and praying for the North Koreans on April 28th. It is my desire to see God free the country of North Korea and bring revival to that land, as only our Almighty God can do. Nothing is too difficult for Him!

*Pray for North Korean people's freedom from brutal dictatorship. Pray for their religious freedom, democracy, nutrition, femine and the truth...

*NKFW Coalition Partners Everywhere,

We will Fast and Pray for North Korea on the 28 April 2019!

Hopeful for the in North Korea Father in Jesus name!

Bro. Adalberto Santiago-Vol. Dir.

Embajada Cristiana Internacional, Inc.


*I pray to follow God's will. Pray for me and my family always to work for His glory to seek His kingdom and righteousness.


*May this be the year of FREEDOM for the North Korean people!